ZW United Credit & Investment Ltd, an increasing globalized investment banking organization with registered capital of RMB 300 million, uses an advanced management model combining credit guarantees, investment financing and investment banking to provide security and financing for commercial enterprises and individual businesses.

公司概述: 深圳银联中外投资担保有限公司是一家为企业及个人提供融资策划投资担保的专业担保公司,注册资本为人民币参亿元;

We are specialized in financial guarantees for enterprise mergers, project-based loan, takeovers, debt restructuring, investment and project financing; private capital investment; project financing services; financial information and consultation services; stock listing services; and China Finance Center company membership business (China).

经营范围:为企业及个人提供商业性融资担保业务;为企业合并、收购、债务重组及项目提供策划; 以自有资金进行投资; 开展项目融资服务、金融信息咨询服务、海外上市服务等业务。

ZW United employs a diverse combination of professional services to achieve its strategic development objectives. Meanwhile, ZW United manages to attract various investors with solid business credentials, extensive operational experience and resources and good standing within the commercial community.



Loan Guarantees for Individual (L.G.I): 
Loan Guarantees for individual consumption, starting a business, studying abroad, and international tourism, housing mortgage ,housing remortgage, housing redeeming, and automobile mortgage. 

个人贷款担保:  个人消费担保、个人创业贷款担保、出国留学贷款担保、国际旅游担保、房屋按揭/转按/赎楼贷款担保、汽车按揭贷款担保。

Performance Guarantees of Economic Contracts (P.G.E.C):
Tender guarantee of various projects, project performance guarantee, owner payment guarantee, advanced payment guarantee and contract performance guarantee.

经济合周履约担保:  各类工程的投标担保、工程履约担保、业主支付担保、预付款担保以及贸易合同的履约担保。

Loan Guarantees for Enterprise Financing (L.G.E.F):
Guarantees for short-term loan, guarantee for project investment and development, issue of bank acceptance bill, guarantee for loan for tax-rebated export, property right-based loan (stock, operating right, toll collection right), guarantee for import or export, guarantee for incorporation of enterprises, guarantee for bridging loan in M&A, guarantee for government-supported project loans, guarantee for financing for listing of Small & Medium-sized Enterprises, re-guarantee, leasing guarantee, package of collective projects, factoring.

企业融资贷款担保: 流动资金贷款担保、项


Investment Banking, Financing, Overseas IPO (I.B):
In the course of risk assessment of guarantee for loan for certain projects, when we are assured the investment risk is reasonable and acceptable and with a good investment return rate, we will make direct investment as a joint developer or we will buy it out and develop the project ourselves or we will organize international fund to finance the project. We also provides commercial services of variety of investment, shares and debenture overseas IPO for an increasing number of domestic companies, M&A of enterprises, and many other financial service.

投资、融资、海外上市: 公司与国际基金建立风险投资与管理伙伴关系、多种投资、国内公司股票债券海外上市、企业收购兼并等金融服务、大型项目贷款与融资、企业中短期融资, 金融信息咨询等。换言之, 该业务的主要功能是为我们客户铺设一条通往国际金融市场的高速公路。

The company provides specialized programs for overseas IPO according to their industry, operating sizes, marketing conditions and many other additional aspects when we deem important from time to time in the due course of business assessment and judgement. We design and offer a tailor-made operating plan

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